Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park 1983

Impoverished Fanny Price is sent to live with her more affluent uncle and aunt. The arrival of new neighbors brings a chance for romance to Fanny and her cousins.

The Mark of Satan

The Mark of Satan 1980

A man sees the number nine everywhere and is convinced the forces of evil are at work. Released in the UK as part of the Hammer House of Horror anthology, this was a VHS feature release in the U.S. with added Elvira commentary on the ThrillerVideo label.

The Magic Drum

The Magic Drum 1996

Other essential predecessors of film were those devices that created the illusion of motion by taking advantage of the persistence of vision and the stroboscopic effect, such as the thaumatrope, phenakistoscope or wheel of life, zoetrope or magic drum and praxinoscope and later on, the more sophisticated flip-books such as the kinora and mutoscope.

The Ambiguous Image and Space

The Ambiguous Image and Space 1996

The film looks at ways of creating spezial illusions through amiguous images, perspective theatres, folding peepshows and from the 19th century, the stereoscope, which look forward to today’s holography.

Pictures Come to Life

Pictures Come to Life 1996

The history of the magic lantern with demonstrations of moving slides, watertank or polarisation slides, followed by images on paper, which are brought to life with mechanical manipulations, with light shining through them or as panorama.

Beyond the Image

Beyond the Image 1996

The film traces the history of the camera obscura, the understanding of perspective and anamorphosis, peepshows and it shows the beauty of historical shadowtheaters and shadow toys.

Elsa får piano

Elsa får piano 1973

Philip is a grass widower who suddenly wants to buy a piano to his wife before she's back home, but it's Saturday and the time is short.

The Parade

The Parade

"Set in a small town in Kansas during the days before the town's annual Fourth of July parade, this rural drama follows Rachel Kirby whose life is thrown into turmoil when her estranged, drifter husband Matt returns after spending seven years in prison to ask her to let him be a part of her life again which also affects Rachel's teenage daughter Tilda and Rachel's mother Sarah."

The Bar Mitzvah Club

The Bar Mitzvah Club 2015

Arty leads a secret group of adolescent boys who manipulate the stock market and control New York City. His hold on power is jeopardized when his parents split, causing him to use all his influence to force his dad back home.


Marocain 1989

A woman reflects on her romantic relationship with a young moroccan years ago. Her daughter travels to Morocco, attempting to relive her mother's past.

Ready for the People

Ready for the People 1964

In a barroom fight over Connie Zelenko, Eddie Dickinson is badly wounded and Connie's boyfriend is killed. Witnesses claim Dickinson is the killer, but he maintains his innocence despite public prosecutor Murray Brock's advice that he plead guilty and take a life-imprisonment sentence rather than risk capital punishment. When Connie comes out of hiding, she confirms the other witnesses' stories, but Brock believes Dickinson is innocent. Dickinson sticks to his story at his trial but receives the death sentence. In the death house, Dickinson continues to maintain his innocence, but after the execution of the sentence, Brock receives a letter from Dickinson confessing to the murder.

The Death of a Composer: Rosa, a Horse Drama

The Death of a Composer: Rosa, a Horse Drama 1999

"Rosa", with a libretto by Peter Greenaway and score by Louis Andriessen, is the first in a projected series of 10 operas, each dealing with the death of a famous composer - some real, others fictional. "Rosa" falls into the latter category; it tells the story of Juan Manuel de Rosa, a Brazilian who went to study music in America but spent most of his time in the cinema instead, becoming particularly entranced by Westerns. Now 32 years old and residing in an abandoned Uruguayan slaughterhouse, Rosa has become one of Hollywood's foremost composers, specialising in Westerns. He also has a beautiful 19-year-old fiancee, Esmeralda, but he pays her little heed, instead lavishing his attentions on a black mare named Bola. One day, a group of men attired as cowboys arrive at the abattoir and kill both Rosa and Bola; an investigation is conducted, with particular suspicion!

Crash Island

Crash Island 1981

A plane full of children and young teens on the way to a swim meet, crashes into the ocean, leaving them and the crew stranded on an unknown island.