The Big Family 1976

Two mafia bosses, Don Antonio Marchesi and Don Peppino Scalise, battle over building contracts in Palermo.

Unfaithful Wife 1986

The film concerns the attempts of Fidel to resume a normal life after the devastation wrought by his wife's death. He returns to his old friend Crispin and wife Irene. A tentative effort with another woman fails, and Fidel finds himself in Irene's arms. That same evening a young girl is brutally murdered. Fidel, unable to account for his whereabouts, is named the principal suspect, which later leads to his imprisonment. Crispin, meanwhile, learns of Irene's infidelity; his friendship is put to the test when Fidel escapes, gets wounded, and asks Crispin to kill him and put him out of misery.

Dairyavanthudu 1986

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Invisible Lines

A terrible film about a shockingly sad story. The honour killing of a 26 year old gay man by his father. Wendel's writing is banal and lifeless, his direction is no better. A young man who deserved better.............

Fanat 1989

Malish - karate fan in late Soviets try hard to beat his way to the top.

The Watchers

After several strange encounters a man begins to question his own sanity in search of what he believes is the truth.

Her Fatal Ways 2 1991

Do Do Cheng, the loyal mainland public security official, has returned to ger backwater county from an exciting but successful trip to Hong Kong. Now she has been promoted to be chief constable and training officer. Lee , a Hong Kong policeman vacationing in Do's countryside, is a witness to a murder. He is "invited" to help solve the case. It is soon established the murder was commited by rival gun runners based in Hong Kong....

Killer Flower 1992

A journalist photographs an assassin in the act of execution, but the assassin lets her go. The same thing happens again, and the assassin's gang question his motives.

Maux Croisés 1989

It looks as though Inspector Lavardin is having a holiday for once. Look at him taking the waters in Montecatini, Italy. But don't be fooled, the French sleuth is on duty as usual; he even works for Interpol this time. The objective of his investigation is Ruggero Anello, an Italian millionaire who, besides owning a big shoe company, is suspected of being the leader of an arms trafficking network. But what Lavardin had not expected is that Claire Anello, Ruggero's wife and successful crime novelist, would be murdered at the hotel where he is staying...

Shoot It Black, Shoot It Blue 1974

A white cop apprehends, then murders, a Black purse thief in the street. A Black film student witnesses the murder and begins surveilling the cop in his everyday life. Based on the novel "Shoot It" by Paul Tyner; filmed in Kansas City.