I Know My Son Is Alive

I Know My Son Is Alive 1994

Real-life husband and wife Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays play a couple whose life is torn apart by the disappearance of their new-born son. When a bloodstained baby's blanket is found in the back of the wife's car, the accusations of murder begin.

De sangre chicana

De sangre chicana 1974

Young Mexican-American studies for his MD and triumphs as a professional wrestler while his brother and sister stagnate in the barrio.

Desperation Rising

Desperation Rising 1989

Angelo, a drug-pushing gang leader, has a hidden basement room called The Red Room where he keeps women for prostitution. A motivational speaker named Hunt hires one of Angelo's hookers and ends up in deep shit. When someone seeks revenge against Angelo, bullets whiz, roundhouse kicks fly, and Hunt uses his powers of motivation to rally Angelo's prostitutes into a gang war.

República da Traição

República da Traição 1970

European couple arrive at the Republic of Maraguaya with a strange mission. But the involvement with a local man, whom they hire as an employee, will change their plans.

Quickly, Shootings and Kisses for Breakfast

Quickly, Shootings and Kisses for Breakfast 1971

A diamond heist with colorful characters and crisp cinematography, the humor is best described as unsophisticated Terence Hill and Bud Spencer larks complemented by crude animation, a bright and jazzy score by Cavallone regular composer Franco Potenza and a bevy of stunning women: Maria Pia Luzi, Beryl Cunningham, Magda Konopka and Claudie Lange.

One More Time Before I Die

One More Time Before I Die 1970

The entrepreneur Nick Zervoulis, seeing that his daughter Annita has trouble with the man of the underworld Mars Farkas, seeks the help of plef Bush Peter Dimas. Peter appears as an old friend of her father, slowly manages to make him fall in love and to remove from Mars. Mars but is not willing to let ...

Sukeban Mafia

Sukeban Mafia 1980

A pinku eiga set around high school girls. After the opening requisite showdown between female leader onichan and one of the toughs from the local gang we witness one of the more brutal punishments youll see in anything pink. The sukeban mafia, the name the girl gang has chosen, not proper yakuza, invite Onichan and Miki to join them. First stop, working their prostitution ring, Miki is captivated by the power of the gang and ready to please, but Onichan isn't impressed. Of course the sukeban mafia will not tolerate nothing less than complete devotion and the trouble begins ....

The Pervert

The Pervert 1975

Police use a beautiful woman as bait for a maniacal killer of women, whose impotence was caused by a depraved female SS officer.

Guru das Sete Cidades

Guru das Sete Cidades 1972

An unhappily married woman becomes the mistress to a sleaze-ball who introduces her to a group of satanists who are willing to kill her rich husband.

Sleazy Rider

Sleazy Rider 1973

A biker gang seeks revenge on a sheriff and his family after their women are searched for drugs in a way that's not very orderly... or, uh, sanitary. An original X rating due to rampant nudity and sleaze kept this off of most rental shelves during the video revolution. All subsequent bootleg DVDs have been sourced from a very rare Dutch VHS release, which was the only known release of this film on home video.